I work with you to help you think through key issues and identify useful actions to address your concerns or capitalize on your opportunities.This may be about your organizational structure or staff/team roles or processes that can be enhanced to support your success.

To get the results you need, change will be needed. Your team may need to reassess practices, shift roles and responsibilities, or generate new agreements. A leader or leadership body may need time to step back and reassess practices and explore optional choices about organizational operations.

I bring the tools and methods to help you make these changes.


Some recent consultations:

  • In my work with a County-wide service agency, the Executive Director needed to reappraise the configuration of staffing that was needed in light of shifting funding and new priorities. A series of consultative sessions helped her clarity her options, explore implications of various solutions and map her action plan.
  • A new team created to engage the community in developing and supporting system changes to improves services to children sought help to clarify their purpose, the processes they wanted to establish to support collaboration and the ways they wanted to make decisions and enable additional members to join their efforts.

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