Taking time away from day to day operations in a retreat can help organizations re-focus and re-charge or add little value.

I work with organizations who want a great retreat.  I guide advance planning to sharpen desired results and introduce opportunities for the most stimulating and creative activities. I also plan a design for the session that is clearly tied to the products and outcomes that are most needed.

Some of the powerful ways a special meeting, often called a retreat, can be used are:

  • to assess progress,
  • address issues,
  • confront challenges
  • forge new directions
  • integrate new board and staff
  • define or renew commitments and accountability structures

Working with a representative design team from the organization who can provide direction and perspectives needed for the best meeting.

Sample of Key methods:

Focused Conversation Method for deep, productive exploration of ideas and shared understandings, Consensus workshop method to support shared agreement on key issues, History Wall to promote common awareness of key events and enable collective insights on pressing issues, challenges and opportunities.

Recent clients:

Build it Green, Chapparal House, California Continuing Care Residents Association

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