Collaborative Efforts

Aligning purpose, plan, roles and actions across teams and across organizations is challenging….

particularly when the  focus is on addressing complex changes with limited resources and pressing deadlines.

An outside facilitator can provide practical support to a collaborative at the time of start-up, planning, evaluation or any stage in program implementation. The services I provide focus on strengthening participation and voice of all participants while generating clear paths of action.


Help in clarifying priority issues, generating ways to manage the structure or operations of an emerging or existing collaborative project.


Designing and facilitating strategic planning, operational planning and establishment of accountability and communication structures.  Facilitating meetings to discuss high priority issues where there are diverse views.


Building the capacity of collaborative leadership to design and lead highly participatory discussions on complex topics and generate consensus decisions that generate commitment and action.

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”
—H.E. Luccock

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